Is IPL the only way MS Dhoni can make a comeback?

It was the world cup semi final against New Zealand when MS dhoni was seen in action the last time. Its been more than a year since he was seen in India colours. A lot of questions have been intruding in the mind of whether we will see him back in action keeping wickets for India. IPL which is scheduled to be played in september – October which will be an opportunity for MS dhoni to make an international comeback.

Firstly we shouldn’t forget that he wasn’t dropped out ,but opted out on his will. So question of Ms dhoni proving his abilities is just futile. Secondly, the other side of the coin is if he is willing to make a comback for Team India. One of the best finishers of all times, is someone who will definitely need the IPL if he shows an interest for comback. Nevertheless the question still remains if he really wants to make a comback.

Keeping the T20 world cup in mind or the upcoming India tour of Australia, if taken place then we will have to think of MS dhoni as the first choice among wicketkeepers. On a concluding note if Ms dhoni makes a comeback it will be possible only through IPL and not domestic cricket as we don’t see any those happening in this time of pandemic and BCCI aren’t interested either as they want to conduct Ipl matches rather than domestic games.

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