What if IPL doesn’t happen?

Its Almost around 100 days since the nation is in lockdown in the perspective of the Global pandemic of Covid-19 and life doesn’t seem to get back to normal for sports activities ,for that matter any sport have not been allowed to take place during these times of crisis.So rumours of IPL not happening is very unlikely as well. If yes then can it happen in India or somewhere else around the world?  There are a lot of possibilities for IPL to take place outside India either partially or completely. As we know that the edition of IPL in 2014  shifted to UAE due to election in the Country and around a total of 20 league matches were played in UAE.

Moreover it was found that IPL contributed around 11 .5 billion  to India’s GDP back in 2015 and each IPL game is worth 45-50 crore,which makes equal  it to 23 lakhs per bowl being bowled. Now that’s all the more reason for IPL to take place though behind closed doors. But if taken in the right spirit this can even help us to boost our economy which has been  hampered a lot during Nation Lockdown. According to one of the interview, IPL will most likely be played in the month of September and October according to the call which will be taken by ICC on T20 World Cup by 14th June.

If IPL takes place behind closed doors with empty stadiums it is definitely not going to be exciting from the fans perspective but “Something is better than nothing” so IPL not taking place will be a huge loss for the cricket board as well for the Country’s Economy. As it is one of the ways we can think of IPL happening. BCCI can definitely find ways and means for cost cutting by decreasing the number of venues from 12 -13 to 4-5 as no public will be allowed and cost of travelling and bookings in the hotels and flights for staff and players will be least as it would mean that each team will end up playing around 3-4 games at  each venue. Lastly wherever IPL takes place it needs to happen even if the fans have to sit in their homes and stare at the television and enjoy their favourite teams play. As ticket sales would not hurt revenue of BCCI but if IPL does not happen it would definitely hurt a lot as broadcasting gives more revenue than ticket sales along with sponsorship.

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