ICC TEST Championship – All you need to know about..

What is ICC Test Championship ?

It is a an Inaugural event of test cricket introduced by International Cricket council (ICC) which begins on 1st of August 2019 with the beginning of ‘The Ashes 2019’. In simple It is a kind of another form of World Cup like the 50 over and 20 overs which will witness another World champion in the end,but in Test Cricket!!

How will the event progress?

So This is another interesting form of cricket introduced to the cricketing World by ICC.The event will have 9 out of the 12 test playing nations of the world participating and competing against one another. Each team will play a total of 6 series which consists of 3 home series and 3 away series. A Maximum of 120 points can be scored from each series.This event is allotted a duration of 2 years i.e the final will be contested between the top 2 teams at the end of 2 years.

The Final will be played at England’s Lords cricket stadium in 2021 between the top 2 teams and incase of any tie or draw the table toppers of the league stages will be declared the World Test Champion.

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